Monitoring and managing your feed bin levels has never been easier, or safer than with SeeLow by Agrimesh. This wireless sensor is installed on each bin, giving you real-time information from the ground. For more information, please see below. SENSOR INSTALLATION QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION! Seelow works with both flat or angled roofs, automatically adjusting to an optimal positioning for … Read More

Horizon Foaming Cleaner 1.0

Ashley GrayeNew Product Announcement, News

Horizon Foaming Cleaner 1.0 is a superior alkaline soaking agent, allowing deep penetration of contaminated areas. Now available at all Penner Farm Services, Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply, Western Ag Systems and United Agri Systems. Developed specifically for use in truck washes, Hog, Poultry and Dairy operations Extremely powerful adhesion for up to 120 minutes (do not let dry) Efficient … Read More

Product Testers Wanted!

Ashley GrayeNew Product Announcement, News

We have an exciting new product to bring to our farming partners – but we want YOU to test it out! We are looking to our curious farming partners who are seeking a superior, cost-effective cleaning solution for their operation – those who like being the first to try a new product. What does this mean?You would be provided a … Read More