Here’s the scoop on what to feed your flock, and when!

Backyard Bird Basics.

So, you’ve started a backyard flock? Here’s a rundown on bird basics.

There are three types of complete feeds you will feed as your birds grow and develop; chick starter, chicken grower, and finally layer feed! Hen scratch is a treat feed to birds as a treat and to stimulate their need to ‘scratch’ around on the ground.

  • Chick starter is fed from hatching until about 10 weeks old. This feed is 20%- 21% protein.
  • Chicken Grower; as your birds grow their needs change and after their first 10 weeks, you can switch to a grower feed. Grower feed contains 15% – 16% protein and is feed up until 18 weeks generally.
  • Layer feed; once your birds reach 18 weeks or when the first egg is laid, you will switch to a layer feed.   Layer feed is 16-17% protein and has added calcium to maintain hard egg shells and strong bones in your flock.

Chicken feed is designed to be the sole ration in your chicken’s diet, and treats should be feed sparingly to ensure that they are getting the full benefit of their feed. Water and feed should be available freely all day.

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