Horizon Foaming Cleaner 1.0

Horizon Foaming Cleaner 1.0 is a superior alkaline soaking agent, allowing deep penetration of contaminated areas. Now available at all Penner Farm Services, Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply, Western Ag Systems and United Agri Systems.

  • Developed specifically for use in truck washes, Hog, Poultry and
  • Dairy operations
  • Extremely powerful adhesion for up to 120 minutes (do not let dry)
  • Efficient solution to reducing product, labour & water usage (up to 30%)
  • For use on plastic, metal, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, copper, steel and concrete – even vertical surfaces!
  • Removes urine, manure, feed, proteins, fats and light lime-scale
  • For use in animal housing areas, on equipment, and more
Usage Directions:
  • Clear surface of large or loose debris
  • Mix dosage of 1 – 2% according to contamination
  • Best applied with a foaming system
  • Let rest for upwards of 60 minutes
  • Rinse surface with a lower pressure hose
  • 1 – 2% (dependent on severity of grime)