Keeping Your Livestock Dry

Moisture, ammonia and bacteria is a dominant enemy on any farm. Leading to discomfort, a bacterial breeding ground, poor hygiene and reduced animal welfare, moisture and humidity can be a difficult issue to manage. 

We suggest getting ahead of the problem at start preventative measures at birth. When you can keep your piglets and calves dry shortly after birth, their immune systems will benefit.

“Hygiene, comfort and performance on the farm”

We suggest using Mistral, a drying agent made up of selected minerals, essential oils and dried and micronized clay. This combination ensures gentle yet effective treatment of animals, without harming the skin and mucous of your animals. There are many ways to use Mistral Drying Agent, including:

  • Dipping piglets directly in powder
  • Sprinkling on calves
  • Adding to drinkers, feeders and other ‘common areas’ which create bacteria hotspots in poultry production
  • Dispersing via air into hog and chicken barns, while animals are present
  • Sprinkle by hand or scoop directly onto litters