New Standard Ag + Horizon

AgriHub Inc is excited to announce the merging of New Standard Ag of St Andrew’s and Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply of Winnipeg, to offer our Manitoba farming partners a second location for all their farm needs, from projects to day-to-day supply. The formation of this merged identity will work closely with its sister-brand Penner Farm Services in Blumenort, MB.

This merged entity will be known as New Standard Ag (NSA) and will be head-quartered at 140 Panet Road in Winnipeg. This merger does not include New Standard West and New Standard USA who will continue to operate as independent Business Units in Alberta and South Dakota.

The addition of the NSA team to the Winnipeg location expands our offerings, providing our farming partners a streamlined source for supply, equipment, service, and projects, under one roof. With a transition to a full-scale service offering, we will be re-branding the Winnipeg location to New Standard Ag.  The existing NSA building in St Andrews, MB will remain operational for deliveries, warehousing, and customer pick-ups. No changes in branding or services are planned in Steinbach or Brandon at this time, although both locations will be managed by the new entity. 

AgriHub Inc is comprised of Penner Farm Services, Western Ag Systems, United Agri Systems, Horizon, Palmlite Industrial Services, and the most recent addition – New Standard Ag. This collection of premier Agricultural service, equipment and sales providers offer a broad range of products to service the Dairy, Hog, Poultry, Grain and Nutrient Management sectors, from British Columbia to Ontario, as well as the Upper Midwest US.

On behalf of the AgriHub Senior Management Team, we thank each of our employees, farming partners, and suppliers for their understanding and patience as we fully implement this merger.

Andrew Penner | General Manager
New Standard Ag  
Kevin Kurbis | Sales Manager
New Standard Ag