Welcome to the family, New Standard Group!

New Standard Group is pleased to announce the successful merger with the AgriHub Group of Companies consisting of Penner Farm Services, Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply, United Agri Systems and Western Ag Systems, effective November 1st, 2021.

New Standard Group, based out of St Andrews, Manitoba, has been servicing Agricultural Producers across Canada and the United States since 2006, specializing in Electronic Sow Feeder Systems, Tunnel Ventilation, as well as turnkey Poultry and Hog Barn Solutions.

AgriHub, headquartered in Blumenort, MB, provides central administration and professional services to its regional operating partners Penner Farm Services, Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply, United Agri Systems and Western Ag Systems who are operating across ON, MB, SK, AB and BC, and have been providing design-build, equipment, service and supplies to hog, poultry, dairy and grain farming partners for over 60 years.

New Standard Group will continue operating as such. Much will remain unchanged in the company structure and service offerings, however our customers will see a number of benefits including access to previously limited product lines, increased value due to leveraging buying power, and the addition of consumables both in store and online.

Each company involved in the merger will continue to operate as their respective regional brand while leaning on the parent brand (AgriHub Inc.) for centralized resources.

The visions, missions and goals of all companies fall into complimentary alignment, aiming to better the Agriculture sector by providing excellence in service, equipment and supply. Bringing together years of experience and knowledge will bolster opportunities centered around dependable, sustainable business options for all companies, but more importantly, our employees and farming partners.  

On behalf of the New Standard Group, and the AgriHub Group of Companies, we thank our employees, our customers and our suppliers for their loyalty and confidence as we create a more sustainable and stronger platform for the provision of products and services across Canada.