Boar Scent Spray Boarmate 250ml

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• to determine the best moment for mating or artificial insemination in sows and young sows

• stimulates sows • spray max. 2 sec near the animal Boarmate™ was developed for farmers and breeders who need help determining the best fertilisation time for sows and gilts. Boarmate™ stimulates sows and gilts and they display a clear standing reflex as soon as they are ready for mating. This is the ideal time for insemination. When used correctly, Boarmate™ can be used to resolve problems experienced with recognising when sows and gilts are in heat in the absence of a boar and increase the chances of success of artificial insemination. Advantages of Boarmate™

• increases the success rate of artificial inseminations, especially among small herds • shorter time span between discontinuation and further insemination • increase in annual sow productivity • no teaser boar needed • makes recognising non-cyclical sows and “silent heats” easier • increased littering rate • earlier first insemination of gilts

• cost-effective use