Rotecna Pig Toys

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Rotecna Luna pig toys feature 12 protruding legs, only 3 are in contact with the floor at any time. REACH compliant, food grade rubber. Designed to accommodate up to 6 pigs at once, the Luna line of pig toys are durable and provide environmental enrichment.
While combining mobility and roll-ability, the Luna devices remain on the floor and within reach, accommodating the pigs natural posture.

Luna 50 (Red) suitable for piglets 0 – 4 weeks

Luna 86 (Yellow) suitable for 1st stage weaners 4 – 7 weeks

Luna 117 (Blue) suitable for 2nd stage weaners 7 – 12 weeks

Astro 200 suitable for finishers/sows, uccupy

Colours: Red (Luna 50), Yellow (Luna 86), Blue (Luna 117), Blue (Astro 200).