Ovinet Double Spike Electric Net Gate (Insulated, 50″ High x 34″ Wide)

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SKU: AG186465


Enables quick and easy passage through fence netting.

Practical door for your electric netting. Quick and easy to install.

Can be installed to any position on the netting – can also be installed subsequently to a fence that has already be set up.

The green netting of the door is electrifiable, the stable frame is insulated.

When opening the door, the power does not have to be turned off.

• fast and easy to open and close

• low weight, despite being sturdy and robust

• opening width: 86 cm (sufficient for most gardening equipment)

• incl. 2 jumbo standing posts, double-pointed

• electrifiable, incl. cable and connections

• quick and easy installation

• delivery includes connection and connection accessories

• 105 cm: suitable for all nets up to 90 cm in height

• 125 cm: extra-high version, suitable for a net height of over 95 cm up to 125 cm.