Cutting Disc 6 Cut 120mm Aluminum, Profi

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With our Cutting Discs 6 or 3 Cut, we offer innovative tools for professional hoof care! The geometrically optimised cutters guarantee the best cutting properties.

• The base body of the blade is made from aluminium, providing for easy handling

• low weight ensures even greater smoothness

• the diagonal angle of the cutting elements means the horn is removed faster and more gently

• the very clean cutting does not require any additional treatment

• the cutting elements can be used on both sides (blades can be turned round)

• individually replaceable

• very user-friendly by e.g. easy-to-loosen screw fastenings

• cutting height of 3 Cut: 1.2 mm (1.8 mm with underlay)

• cutting height of 6 Cut: 1.2 mm (1.8 mm with guard)